South Orange County Real Estate

by Nick Bublik & Irina Bond

My Thoughts on Technology & Real Estate

According to the 2008 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 87% of all homebuyers used the Internet as an information source. I came across a comment on a real estate blog today that really hits home on what I believe about technology and its role in real estate: “Technology will never replace the Agent; however the Agent who uses technology will replace the Agent who does not.” We can twitter, facebook, blog, etc., until our faces turn blue, but in the end, there’s still a human factor that makes Realtors invaluable to buyers and sellers. An agent’s real job is putting a face on everything and making it real. Home, like family, is mostly heart, not just mind.


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About Us

As a Russian-speaking South Orange County team and residents of 20 years, Nick Bublik, REALTOR®, & his assistant, Irina Bond, are qualified and committed to guiding their clients through the real estate buying and selling processes with utmost loyalty and a wide range of experience.

Committed to providing exceptional service in each of their endeavors, Nick & Irina are passionate about helping each client reach their real estate goals. Through organization, dedication and perseverance, they deliver on their promises and facilitate results, no matter how complex the circumstances.

Together, Nick & Irina promise real estate transactions that exceed expectations.

Nick Bublik, REALTOR®
(949) 233-9304
Irina Bublik, Assistant
(949) 939-7831
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